Everyone loves Tofiga

posted: 6:07 pm - 12th September 2017

Tofiga Fepulea’i is arguably one of the Pacific’s most accomplished funny men and his onstage bravado appeals to all age groups.

This was evident last Saturday, 9 September when Tofiga was the Master of Ceremony for the Ministry’s Pō Fiefia event and he got down to the business of what he does best; making people laugh.

The NZ-born Samoan lifted everyone’s spirits in an audience of over 500 people gathered at the Lesieli Tonga Auditorium to celebrate the success of great Pacific New Zealanders who have made it onto the Queens Honour List over the last three years.

“I often feel like a funny uncle going to a Pacific event,” says Tofiga.

“While I’ve done many gigs, there is always that nervous tendency.”

“I have learned to control my jokes and always remember that every audience is different.”

Tofiga’s performances rely on a carefully choreographed routine before going on stage, especially when it comes to Pacific audiences.

At the Pō Fiefia event, Mr Funnyman teamed-up with Ministry staff member Angie Enoka and they put on a skit based on the commands for the Siri app.

“I said to myself this will be good fun, so let’s see what happens.”

What comedians do is essentially take a leap of faith every time they go onstage.

“You never know if it’s something that will provoke a positive reaction in the audience or simply have eyes rolling.”

The skit worked and the combination of Mr Funnyman and Pacific Island Siri worked well.

It is not all about jokes and laughs. There is a more serious side to Tofiga which has made him a well-respected man in the Pacific community. He certainly knows how to make everyone laugh, regardless of age and ethnicity.

That is why everyone loves Tofiga.

Performing solo is what Tofiga does best.

Although the Ministry’s Pō Fiefia event was to honour Pacific people who have made it onto the Queens Honour list, many flocked to the event just to see Tofiga.

“There’s not much of a difference in terms of the sense of humour of prestigious Pacific people. When it comes to laughter everyone is on the same level, I think,” says Tofiga.

Thanks to Tofiga for playing his part in making the Pō Fiefia event hugely successful.