Obstacles no issue with PESS

posted: 9:00 am - 9th February 2018
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Often things some people take for granted present huge barriers to others and prevent them from achieving their goals.

For South Auckland’s Feao (Bella) Kalavi (pictured), the Pacific Employment Support Service (PESS) has helped her overcome obstacles and start working towards having a career in money management. 

Funded by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP), PESS helps young Pacific people (aged between 15 and 29) in Auckland and Hamilton to find sustainable employment, education or training opportunities.

It does this by working with four providers - InWork, SENZ, Skills Update and Training Institute and Solomon Group.

The providers are tasked with motivating, training and matching people to jobs or education that best fits them.

Of Tongan and Cook Island descent, Feao comes from a large family of seven children, and is a single parent of a two-year-old daughter, who means the world to her, she says.

A lack of time, money and transport has proved to be challenging for Feao in the past but PESS has helped her find ways around these hurdles.

“I first heard of PESS from Rita (Manuela – Skills Update Training Institute’s PESS Programme Coordinator) when I met her at Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT),”  Feao explains.

Feao became involved in the PESS programme, with coordinators encouraging her to follow her passions and to do what she enjoys to find a career path.

“The team supported me looking for courses, literacy, numeracy and other things I needed help with.”  

Feao eventually found a course she was interested in completing, a Certificate in Money Management at Te Wanaga O Aotearoa, in Mangere.

PESS Coordinators have helped her complete enrolment forms, and delivered them to her Money Management tutor Edwina Kapa-Kaaka, who continues to check in on her progress, Feao says.

“I am really thankful for the support I receive, and I am looking forward to completing my money management course, so I can start looking for part-time work, and get my licence to operate.” 

We invite any Pacific youth between 15-24 looking for employment or education assistance to visit MPP PESS programme for more information.