Spreading Sweet Actions

posted: 12:30 pm - 10th May 2018
Class of Oct 2017 Graduation Photo

(Picture caption: Angelo Robinson - left- and Johnny Godinet with a proud group of youngsters, who completed the Sweet Actions Workshops in October 2017.) 

Spreading “Sweet Actions” – respect for oneself and that of others - is at the heart of Next Level LifeFitness.

Established by Fagaiava Johnny Godinet and his wife Tania in 2017, the organisation offers life-based exercise workshops for 11- 12 year olds.  

It aims to connect with youth from all backgrounds at a crucial stage in their lives, while providing them with tools to tackle issues they face, using exercise as the learning platform.  

Respect is the key component of our ethos,” the Wellington-based Director of Next Level LifeFitness Johnny explains.

“For all our participants to understand our principles they need to live with respect being their main objective.

“We believe by infusing positive energy with our unique systems of exercise created for this age group, it will allow them to apply and live by the Next Level LifeFitness ethos.”

Of Samoan descent, and born and bred in Wellington, Johnny says he was raised to be respectful and to help others.

Being respectful became a priority of Johnny’s, particularly as his mother would remind him often that in life, you get what you give.

“I have kept this close to my heart in all the things I do and Next Level LifeFitness is a testament to my mother’s teachings,” he says.

Johnny has held many varied roles before starting Next Level LifeFitness.

The Samoan Matai from his father’s village of Vailele is fluent in both the oral and written forms of the Samoan language, and while studying at Victoria University, he was a lecturer in Samoan.

Johnny studied Computer Science and worked in the IT industry for several years including roles as a Computer Programmer, Computer Analyst, LAN Support and IT specialist.   

After meeting his wife Tania, the couple started Mindbody Studio, a niche market fitness studio in Wellington, which they ran for over 10 years.

Johnny says well-being and health had always been very important to him and Tania.

When they established Next Level LifeFitness in 2017, it felt like the right thing to do.

“With all the on-going issues youth have to tackle every day in their lives, Next Level LifeFitness gives them extra tools to cope. 

“We have created our own language so we can communicate and connect with all our youngsters - it also creates unity and kinship within our group.”

During the April and October school holidays, the couple run three-day workshops aimed at instilling fitness, health and life skills.

At the conclusion of each workshop, they look at changes they can make to keep improving the workshops.

Next Level LifeFitness also organise Sweet Actions Touches - weekly exercise sessions – designed to maintain contact with the youngsters, Johnny says.

This weekly contact also ensures youth are motivated throughout the year and gives them the opportunity to talk with the organisers as well, he adds.

Johnny says he and Tania believe Next Level LifeFitness is needed in their community because youth need to live and understand they have to have respect for themselves and others.

“If our youth live respectful lives then these individuals will be positive, have the right work ethic and not be afraid to help others along the way,” he says.   

“Respect in our youth today has been missing and this is why we have all the problems in our communities - if we can offer new ways of connecting with our youth and empower them to live an improved lifestyle then we as a society will win on every level. 

“Making it fun via exercise is a bonus to them.”

Next Level LifeFitness is very grateful to the like-minded businesses and individuals who have become Sweet Actions Sponsors, so all the children can attend the workshops for free.

Visit YouTube to watch a snapshot of Next Level LifeFitness’ last workshop and see how you can get involved via Facebook.