Unufe Design featured in prestigious Pō Fiefia runway

posted: 5:54 pm - 11th September 2017
Unufe design

22-year old Tongan fashion designer Amelia Unufe recently had her work featured in the prestigious Ministry’s Pō Fiefia event with her hope that one day she will make it to the Pacific Honours list.

“I’m very honoured to be part of Pō Fiefia, as an opportunity for me to display my work and also being part of the whole celebration of successful Pacific people.”

“I’m grateful to the Ministry for giving me a platform to connect with so many wonderful people this evening. The event itself gives me much inspiration, drive and determination to focus on my designs and use every opportunity I can to showcase my work,” says Amelia.

“Being part of Pō Fiefia is not just about my work, it also encapsulates a business opportunity.”

“You never know who will ring you the next day to talk business.”

“I’m still learning the whole business cycle and how to give a high level fashion taste to our own Pacific community for clients to see and enjoy.”

Using historical meanings as an indication of cultural significance, Amelia weaves into her designs a story in the making of each garment.

“Many of my designs have a meaning attached to them and their own value of importance.”

Unufe brand's style is described as Pacific centric, and Amelia says that what she presents is not highly influenced by fashion or trends that come and go.

“I am more intrigued in fusing the traditional and contemporary designs but bring forward something that is fresh, appealing, and have a very strong Pacific element to them.”

Guests at the Pō Fiefia event were stunned at the creativity and talent exhibited by this young emerging designer.

Amelia is hoping that one day she will dress up a Pacific politician, following a recent proposal by the Pacific Youth Leadership and Transformation (PYLAT) Council in Christchurch to allow traditional Pacific clothing in the House of Representatives.

Amelia’s fascination for designs and merging cultural creations with modern styles has developed a following and many are keeping a close watch on what this young designer can do.

Amelia’s mother Melevea Precott-Unufe was acknowledged at the event as a supporting parent, ensuring that Amelia would one day be honoured for her contribution to the New Zealand fashion industry.

Amelia’s designs were displayed by young aspiring Tongan models.

You can check out Amelia’s fashion label ‘Unufe Designs’ here