About the Ministry

We pursue our vision of ‘Prosperous Pacific Peoples’ in four main ways.

Policy Advice

By providing expert policy advice to Ministers and our partner government agencies to support the development of effective strategies and programs targeted at Pacific communities.


By co-designing and delivering innovative programs with our communities to improve outcomes and identify valuable policy and implementation insights.

Pacific Knowledge and Expertise

By working with and in Pacific communities to gather intelligence on issues, opportunities and the effectiveness of policies and interventions.

Partnerships and Leadership

By partnering with a wide range of organisations across the state sector and in Pacific communities to develop and promote future Pacific leaders.


How we do it

The value of the Ministry is derived from its strong relationships with Pacific communities across New Zealand.

We bring Pacific communities into government policy development

We work in our communities to gather intelligence and data related to the ingredients of Pacific success, opportunities for development and the effectiveness of policies and interventions.  This intelligence and other research evidence inform our own policy program and our advice to Ministers and other government agencies.

We take government to Pacific communities

With an understanding of the issues and opportunities, we work alongside Pacific communities to co-design and deliver new initiatives and approaches to improve outcomes for our people.  We ensure that our government partners are appropriately connected with our communities they wish to engage and support them to develop their own Pacific leaders capability to deliver.


Strategic Direction

Our vision

“Prosperous Pacific Peoples”, places the community and its people at the heart of the work.  It focuses attention on Pacific peoples achieving success – and New Zealand realising the social and economic benefits of that success.  Realising our vision is critical not only for Pacific peoples, but as an investment in New Zealand’s future well-being and prosperity.  Our work; and the changes we are making, will help us to enable and foster this vision.


The Ministry’s strategic direction aims to generate opportunities for Pacific peoples in New Zealand to prosper, by delivering robust policy and interventions that receive widespread support from stakeholders and the confidence of the government.

Due to an increasing diversity of our Pacific peoples in New Zealand and the flexibility with which we  must operate, no one-size-fits-all approach or strategy will realise success.  As such, our approach is about harnessing our relationships, knowledge and expertise – to better connect Pacific peoples and government.

As a small department, the Ministry has limited resources.  By focusing our resources and interventions into areas that make the greatest difference, by working with others, by using a partnership approach, and by facilitating knowledge and expertise between groups, the Ministry can provide more value from the government's investment.

Our work programme and key result areas

In working towards a vision of ‘Prosperous Pacific Peoples’, the Ministry is focusing on result areas that contribute to the economic development and empowerment of Pacific communities in general and youth in particular.  For this reason, our work programme priorities for 2015-2019 will focus on:

  • Education, qualifications and skills;
  • Employment and entrepreneurship; and
  • Language, culture and identity

The priorities for the work programmes have received the widespread support of our stakeholders and the confidence of government.  By focusing on the learning journey of an individual, their progression into areas of employment and innovation, and their identity through their families and communities of interest, we can influence a better and more self sustaining lifestyle for our Pacific Peoples.