Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Community Languages Fund?

The Community Languages Fund is a funding scheme that is available through the Ministry for Pacific Peoples aimed at supporting community initiatives that:

  • are targeted towards Pacific community groups and Pacific families
  • share and pass on Pacific language knowledge
  • enables accessibility to Pacific language learning
  • increases the awareness and value of Pacific languages in Aotearoa
  • helps increase and grow the number of speakers of Pacific languages

Why is this funding scheme needed?

Pacific languages are in decline both in Aotearoa and abroad. There is a general recognition that languages are important for Pacific peoples’ cultural identity and that languages and culture are related to a Pacific persons’ sense of belonging and potential to participate with confidence in society. This funding scheme, along with other initiatives as part of the Ministry’s languages work programme, is aimed at addressing this decline.

This funding scheme also responds to feedback during the Ministry’s Pacific Aotearoa engagements with over 2,500 Pacific peoples in 2018 and captured in Lalanga Fou Goal 1: Thriving Pacific languages, cultures and identities.

Who can apply?

Pacific individuals, families and groups who require funding to run grassroots, small-scale initiatives with a relatively quick turnaround (generally a six-month or less completion timeframe) that are in line with the Community Languages Fund priorities can apply. 

You must be 18 years of age and older to apply.

What will not be funded?

The Community Languages Fund will not fund the following:

  • For-profit activities
  • Initiatives not aligned with the priorities of this fund
  • Programmes that are the general responsibility and located within the domain of other sectors (such as ECE, school and tertiary-based programmes which are the primary responsibility of the Ministry of Education, NZQA and TEC)
  • Programmes and activities occurring overseas including the NZ realm countries
  • Wages, salaries, infrastructure and fixed assets, capital expenditure
  • Academic research and other academic activities

When is the closing date?

There is no closing date.

When do I find out about the outcome of my application?

In general, you should find out within 2 weeks of your application being submitted. It is important to note that incomplete forms may further delay the outcome of your application.

If successful, when can I expect to receive funds?

You can expect funds to appear in the account provided within 10 working days of approval given in writing.

Please note that incomplete, or incorrectly filled application forms may further delay payment.

Verification of account details 

Please note that if you are successful in your application, you will need to provide the account details to deposit the funds into. This can be in the form of the one of the following. 

  • A recent bank statement 
  • An encoded deposit slip 
  • A screenshot of your online banking statement (clearly showing you account name and number)

Can I apply more than once in a year?

Yes, you can apply more than once in a year however if your application is successful you cannot apply again for at least six months afterwards from the date when notice of your successful outcome was sent to you. You will need to complete your event, initiative or project for which you received funding for and submit your accountability report-back that satisfactorily meets the Ministry’s standards before you can re-apply. This is to ensure that a broad and diverse range of applicants from across Aotearoa can access this fund but at the same time recognises the need to be flexible and mindful of building and maintaining momentum and maximising the impact of events, initiatives and projects throughout the year.

Can I apply for other funding provided by the Ministry even if I am successful in this one?

Yes, you can apply for funding through the Ministry’s other funding and sponsorship schemes even if you are successful in this one. However, you will need to ensure that your application is aligned with the priorities and meets the criteria of those schemes, which may differ from the Community Languages Fund or may not include languages. In some cases, due to the volume of applications the Ministry receives across all its funding schemes, priority will be given to those who have not received any funding from the Ministry or have not received funding for some time.

Is the information including application forms available in Pacific languages?

At this stage, all information including the application form is only available in English. If you require support on this, please do not hesitate to contact us at the details below. In future, we may have the information and application forms available in the key Pacific languages.


All initiatives funded by the Community Languages Fund must adhere to the Government guidelines around COVID-19, specifically regulations around larger gatherings and social distancing. Where necessary you may want to consider alternative ways to run your programme i.e. online where possible. For the most up to date information on COVID-19, please click here

How do I apply?

Please click here to apply for the Community Languages Fund

If you want additional information, please email [email protected]