Employment and Entrepreneurship

With the growth of the Pacific population helping to shape New Zealand’s future, the Ministry has identified Employment and Entrepreneurship as one its key priorities for Pacific communities.  Creating Pacific employment opportunities and developing innovative business growth has and will remain a focus for the Ministry.

The ministry is working on a number of initiatives to achieve this.

The Ministry leads the $4.6m Pacific Employment Support Service programme which is being delivered in the Auckland and Hamilton regions until 30 June 2020. Three providers have been selected by the Ministry to work alongside Pacific youth who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) and place them into sustainable employment or further training. They are In-Work, SENZ and Solomon Group.

In addition to this the Ministry linked up with Work and Income and other partnering government agencies to deliver the New Zealand Seasonal Workers Scheme, providing opportunities in the viticulture sector with Hawkes Bay growers.

Also the Ministry recently launched the Pacific Housing Action Plan 2016/17.

Learn more about the Maori and Pasifika TradesTraining Initiative here.

These initiatives and opportunities allow Pacific communities to make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economy.