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Pacific Languages Community Fund FAQs

Pacific Languages Community Fund FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Pacific Languages Community Fund. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Applicants could apply by submitting a costed proposal of up to $50,000 using the online application form or via email using a downloadable version in MS Word or PDF format

The Fund closed at 5pm, Friday 29 July 2022.

Applications for the Pacific Languages Community Fund closed at 5 pm on Friday 29 July 2022.

Please refer to the main funding page section About the Fund for this information.

Yes, non-registered groups can apply. The Ministry understands not all groups are formally registered as legal entities. 

Because successful applicants enter a legal agreement, it is advisable your organisation has strong governance and can deliver outcomes and contract management. For more information about strengthening your organisation, CommunityNet Aotearoa have useful information or the Department of Internal Affairs.

No, the funding is open to community groups registered and non-registered. This round excludes individuals.

No, the fund does not support 'for profit' businesses.

Alongside your application, you must provide:

  1. Your budget expenditure proposal for this initiative. This must be a realistic budget breakdown, ensuring each cost is reasonable and aligns to the initiative. To assist with this, you can download one of our budget templates below:

    Budget template: MS Word format  |  PDF format

  2. An explanation of how your initiative aligns with MPP’s Lalanga Fou Goal of Thriving Pacific languages, cultures, and identities. This can include supporting documentation of your language learning initiative. If providing images or photos, please embed these within a MS Word document, if possible. If using video or audio resources, please include links to these within a MS Word document, rather than trying to upload the files directly

  3. A clear understanding of how your initiative utilises language planning and development. This includes a description of how you plan to maintain and sustain your project and its outcomes in the medium to long term

  4. Details about previous successful projects with at least two independent referees. These can't be MPP staff

  5. Your group’s capacity and capability to successfully deliver the initiative.

As part of the application process, you may also need to provide:

  • An invoice from your organisation. If you are GST registered, please include the fund amount you are requesting for delivery of the initiative

  • Verified bank account details that match the invoice. This could be a screenshot of the bank statement or stamped bank verification.

If this extra information is required, we will email you.

You are required to provide a milestone report at the halfway point of your project and a final accountability report at the conclusion of your project. Successful applicants will have a close working relationship with MPP staff who will provide you with guidance.

Your contract will be managed by the Languages Unit.

Reporting is important because:

  • The reports reflect the success of your project and will enable you to gain valuable insights by reflecting on the delivery, which will help you grow your organisation’s capability and strength.
  • Because these funds are publicly funded, these reports are necessary to ensure there is scrutiny of public money and your project has used the funds in accordance with agreements.
  • All successful recipients will also be published on the Ministry website.

This is a contestable fund, meaning some applications may not be accepted. Based on your application and budget proposal, your application will be assessed by a panel of Senior Staff at MPP. They will determine the level of funds that will be provided. It may be fully funded, partially funded, or entirely declined. Regardless, you will be informed of the outcome and the reasons.

No, you are excluded from this round, as you can access funding through the Ministry of Education.  

No, this funding cannot be used for your immediate family projects. The purpose of the funds is to support community language initiatives.

Yes, MPP recognise the valuable contribution of organisations that serve Pacific people, especially outside of the main centres. If your project initiative meets the fund requirements and is focused towards enabling Pacific communities to respond to the fund outcomes, you are encouraged to apply.