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Toloa STEM Funds

Toloa STEM Funds

Now in its sixth year, the Toloa funds are achieving its goal of helping Pacific Aotearoa thrive in STEM.

Pacific people have been underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields for many years. The government is committed to making changes in this field.

The STEM fields are the way of the future, and future employment sectors will require STEM skills.  In 2015, MPP established the Toloa Programme, which takes a multi-faceted approach of raising awareness and providing workforce development opportunities.

The Toloa funds aim to create opportunities to raise awareness and increase Pacific uptake of STEM subjects.

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The Toloa funds are currently closed but will open again later in 2021:

  • Toloa Tertiary Scholarships support Pacific students to pursue studies in (STEM) subjects. The scholarship covers tertiary tuition fees and compulsory course related fees.
  • The Toloa Kenese Fund supports Providers to deliver local, regional and national initiatives over 1-2 years with grants of up to $50,000 per year. The fund is available for (STEM) providers to deliver targeted Pacific programmes and workshops with primary, intermediate, and secondary schools, students, and their parents.
  • Toloa Community Fund support organisations and community groups to promote and deliver (STEM) activities to Pacific young people, through engaging key Pacific influencer groups including parents, families and community leaders.