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Firearms amnesty - do the right thing

Firearms amnesty - do the right thing

  • 18 Aug 2019

Firearms amnesty – do the right thing

Anyone can hand-in any firearm – no questions asked – as part of the firearms amnesty, organised by the New Zealand Police, which runs until December 20, 2019.

These firearms will be destroyed and are not eligible for buy-back. If you hand-in firearm/s under amnesty no personal details need to be recorded. The amnesty is entirely anonymous.  Take this opportunity – hand it in.

During the amnesty it is not an offence for licensed firearms holders to possess firearms that are newly prohibited, but they cannot be used.

Police accept all firearms as part of the amnesty

There are a variety of options to hand-in firearms: Countrywide community collection sites listed on Police’s website; bulk pick-ups by Police for those with more than 10 firearms / 50 parts; collections at selected firearms retailers or dealers, exception-based pick-ups by Police if there are transport constraints, and Police station hand-ins.

Do the right thing

Police encourage you to do the right thing for the safety of all New Zealand. Hand-in firearms or parts for amnesty and encourage your family/whānau to do the same.

Help remove unlawfully held and newly prohibited firearms from our community now.

For more information, visit HERE or call 0800 311 311.