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Talking Tech

Talking Tech

  • 26 Apr 2019
elise semisi

Get ready to talk tech at the upcoming Tech Talanoa in Porirua, on May 22. 

The event is part of Techweek 2019, which runs from May 20 to 26, and it is aimed at increasing awareness and inspiring Pacific people to find out more about Technology and various pathways into the sector.   

A panel of speakers will share their various journeys into the Tech sector and in particular how their “Pacific-ness” or cultural capital helps them succeed in Tech at the event. 

One of those speakers, and also an organiser of the event, is Elise Semisi, an Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master at Content Management System company SilverStripe. 

During his time in the Tech industry, Elise has been exposed to many new experiences and processes which have helped him to develop his capabilities, knowledge and skillset, he says. 

“I’ve also recognised there are a lot characteristic Pacific people possess which would suit a career in the Tech industry,” Elise adds. 

He feels it is important to share his experience of the industry, and be part of an event which will connect with Pacific people and remove any preconceived ideas about Tech jobs. 

“There are so many jobs in the industry – it is not just limited to code development.  

“There is graphic design, testing, product ownership, scrum masters/project management, just to name a few – many Pacific people have the skills required to succeed in these careers.” 

As an Agile Project Manager, one of Elise’s key responsibilities is to be a “servant leader” to his team. 

“I know a lot of Pacific people who would suit this role as being brought up as Pacific, we are taught these types of values.” 

It is hoped the event encourages Pacific people to see the opportunities in the industry, and to breakdown any perceptions Tech is only suited to certain people. 

Tech Talanoa will also offer advice on pathways to further training, and awareness about scholarships, internships and careers in Tech. 

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) will be at Tech Talanoa, promoting Toloa Tertiary Scholarships, which support Pacific students to pursue studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.  

Head along to Tech Talanoa:

When: May 22 (6pm-8pm)

Where: PIC House, Pacific Island Presbyterian Church, 207 Champion Street, Cannons Creek, Porirua