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Tupu Aotearoa and QES offer tools to success

Tupu Aotearoa and QES offer tools to success

  • 04 Apr 2021

Variety is the spice of life, and it is something Quality Education Services (QES) offers in spades since joining the Tupu Aotearoa programme as a Service Provider.

Tupu Aotearoa supports Pacific people to gain tools and skills that enable them to thrive.

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples initiative connects people who have with local Service Providers – such as QES – who support their clients to access work or learning opportunities on their journey to employment, further training or study.

Clients have a range of wants and requirements they need assistance with, and the South Auckland-based QES is committed to bringing help and hope to people from all ages and stages of life through education, training and pastoral care.

Anamaria Telesia TuliloaTelesia Tuliloa (pictured left), of Samoan, Tahitian and German descent, joined the Tupu Aotearoa programme through QES in February 2020, as a recent Law graduate. 

The 23-year-old was determined to pursue an entry-level legal position; however, she was struggling with the current job market. 

“After completing my degree, I knew it was going to be difficult finding work in my field and with the addition of COVID-19, it was challenging to see what was possible,” Telesia says. 

Thinking ahead, Telesia has chosen to pursue her Masters part-time online, while still looking for work to help support her family. 

She managed to secure a Court Registry Officer role at the Ministry of Justice which began in March, and QES is helping her to access driving lessons to gain her Restricted Driver’s Licence to assist her with the new role.    

“Tupu Aotearoa, through QES was a great opportunity for me to open my world view of what was still possible in terms of my career. 

“It has helped equip me for the working field as well as ensuring support during my transition from University to the workforce. 

“I highly recommend QES to anyone who is seeking support or employment opportunities for themselves. 

“We tend to undermine the services out there that can support us and as someone who has experienced both navigating the wide world on my own, and also with help, I can say with confidence the huge difference it makes when you expand your networks, connect to the right people and know what opportunities are out there.” 

Giovanna Figota, of Samoan and Tongan heritage, is another QES client who signed up to the Tupu Aotearoa initiative in August last year, determined to find work to support her until she started study in March 2021. 

“Prior to taking part in Tupu Aotearoa, I was in the process of studying in the United States, but unfortunately this came to a fast halt due to COVID-19. 

“At the same time, I was trying to find part-time or full-time work in 2020 but struggled to so I applied for a job seeker support benefit.” 

Giovanna joined Tupu Aotearoa after it was recommended to her father, and he felt it was a great opportunity for his daughter. 

“The programme gave me the chance to sit my Restricted Driver’s Licence and I received driving lessons. 

“I was also offered the opportunity to attend the Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) programme, a free six-week motivational training course run by the New Zealand Defence Force.” 

The course changed her life for the greater good and Giovanna says she is grateful to Tupu Aotearoa and QES for opening this avenue up for her. 

Giovanna has secured a role as a Disability Assistant, while studying a Bachelor of Law full-time at the University of Auckland. 

“Tupu Aotearoa offers so much support, and the team is passionate about being an avenue for youth – I would readily recommend it to others.” 

Visit MPP’s website for more information on Tupu Aotearoa.