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Cook Islands Language Week is going strong

posted: 9:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

The Cook Islands community around New Zealand is gearing up to celebrate the ninth edition of Te ‘Epetoma o Te Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani - Cook Islands Language Week. Read more

Language encouraged at gathering place

posted: 9:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

For more than 50 years, Enuamanu Atiu-nui Maruarua Society has provided a gathering place for Cook Islanders to speak te reo Māori Kuki Airani and practise cultural traditions. Read more

Breezy empower Tokoroa youth

posted: 8:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

Hailing from the small Waikato community, Breezy has been created to encourage young people in Tokoroa to keep striving high. Read more

Join the MPP aiga

posted: 7:00 pm - 2nd August 2020

Now is your opportunity to join the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) - a dynamic and vibrant team, with a focus on achieving positive outcomes for Pacific communities in Aotearoa. Read more

Applications for Toloa Community and Kenese Funds open

posted: 9:00 pm - 26th July 2020

Studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opens the doors to many different career opportunities and options. Applications for the 2020 Toloa Community Fund and Toloa Kenese Fund open today.    Read more