News and Stories - March, 2021


Toloa Tertiary Scholar aims to positively impact Pacific health

posted: 8:00 pm - 28th March 2021

As a young woman of Pacific descent there was no doubt in Zanetta Leohoʻonani Laupele Toomata’s mind she wanted to be part of research that impacted and helped improve the health of the Pacific community. Read more

Troubling statistics lead to action

posted: 7:00 pm - 28th March 2021

New Zealand’s perplexing mental health statistics have inspired Kau Tulī Northern representative Leorida Peters to take action, educate and raise awareness about the growing area of concern. Read more

Capturing diversity in governance opportunities

posted: 6:00 pm - 28th March 2021

When it comes to governance, there is not one Pacific perspective which stands out from the rest. Pasifika Education Centre and Teaching Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) Advisory Board Member Dr Rae Si‘ilata says Pacific peoples are diverse and it is important to capture that diversity at the governance level. Read more

Community COVID-19 Fund helps raise Pacific women's voices

posted: 8:00 pm - 21st March 2021

Cultural Ambassador, Speaker and Facilitator Daisy Lavea-Timo says the need to lift the voices of Pacific women is particularly acute. Of Samoan heritage, Daisy says how we tell our stories about ourselves, our practise and each other, matters. Read more

Pacific boards can lead by example

posted: 7:00 pm - 21st March 2021

New Zealand’s Pacific organisations need to lead by example when it comes to providing governance opportunities for the many ideal Pacific candidates in our midst. Read more