Nominations Service

The Ministry’s Nominations Service maintains a database of skilled Pacific people who are available for appointment to state sector boards and committees.
The Nominations Service is regularly consulted on appointments for state sector boards, committees, advisory groups and trusts and recommends potential candidates on the Nominations database with relevant skills and experience that match the requirements of specific requests from Ministers or agencies.
The Ministry invites people of Pacific descent to join our Nominations Service database for consideration as board vacancies arise.
By being included on our database, Pacific people have a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to New Zealand’s future. Pacific peoples are much sought after for governance roles. This is why we need skilled Pacific people to be considered for the many boards and committees of national significance.

Skills needed

We need a range of Pacific candidates with experience in regional or national governance/board roles, directors on medium to large enterprises, strong governance skills and expertise in a range of areas that includes: investment, accounting, financial management, banking, strategic development and senior business management, directorships and senior executives with experience in the private sector, education, health, social services, applied technical fields in engineering, science and technology, research, community development.

Governance is focused on strategic issues rather than the day-to-day operations of an entity. It ensures accountability and oversight of the organisation’s operations; having a clear vision for the future; making good decisions; identifying opportunities as well as risks; and strategy setting. We recognise that greater diversity in governance and leadership roles correlates with better decision-making, leading to greater efficiency and performance in organisations. If you have the relevant skills and experience we would like you to consider this.

Note: The appointments process is highly competitive and there is no guarantee that you will be appointed to a board. Equally, expressing an interest in board positions does not commit you to accepting any position offered to you.

Skills checklist

Work through the following questions before applying for registration on the Nominations database.

1. Do I have experience governing a business, community or relevant professional organisation. Your experience might include a position on one or more of the following:

  • Statutory board or committee
  • Private sector board of directors
  • Local or regional council
  • Regulatory body
  • Community trust
  • Community board
  • Pasifika committee
  • School board of trustees
  • Executive committee of a professional body
  • Church committee

2. Do I have experience as a Chief Executive or Senior Manager in a business, community or professional organisation?

3. Have I been a Chair or President of a community group?

4. Do I have the specialist qualifications and/or work experience? Some boards or committees require specialist qualifications or experience in a profession, such as: law, accountancy, banking and finance, company directorship, engineering, or science research.
We do not nominate public servants to government bodies, however past experience as a public servant can be valuable.

5. Do I have governance skills and knowledge? For example:

  • Experience in the responsibilities of a director
  • Being a ‘big picture’ strategic thinker
  • Having financial literacy
  • Being strategically invested
  • Being a team player

If you have answered ‘yes’ to three questions, then you may be a suitable candidate for a board appointment and we encourage you to fill in the nominations application form.  

Click here to fill in the nominations application form


How we nominate to Boards

When the Ministry is invited to nominate people for a particular board, we search our database to match the requirements of the position with the skills and experiences of people registered with us and forward the details of appropriate candidates to the agency or organisation concerned.

The nomination process

1. Call for nominations
We receive a request from an appointing agency and/or Minister, such as the Minister for Pacific Peoples.
The request sets out the skills and knowledge required and what the position will involve.

2. Search the database
We search the database to identify Pacific people who fit the criteria specified by the appointing body.

3. Contact nominees
We contact people we have identified to discuss the nomination and to confirm their interest.

4. Shortlisting and assessment
We send details of suitable nominees to the appointing agency/organisation. The appointing organisation will consider all nominations received from a range of sources and recommends to their Minister who should be appointed.

5. Appointment decided
The appointing agency’s Minister makes the final decision on the appointment.

Note: It is important to note that nominations for appointment are highly competitive and there is no guarantee that you will be appointed to a board.
The nominations process is a lengthy process, and it may take a while before receive an update from the appointing body. When an update is available we will then contact our nominees to let them know how the nomination has progressed.