Frequently Asked Questions

How does this initiative respond to COVID-19? 

This initiative will:

  • directly improve health outcomes by limiting the incidences of housing related health issues faced by many Pacific families that are living in unsuitable homes which do not support their health and wellbeing.
  • improve household incomes by supporting personal finance training services that will enable more Pacific families to be able to absorb economic shocks like recessions and pandemics.
  • provide employment opportunities to Pacific young people that are unemployed due to the effects of COVID-19
    • support Pacific organisations, enabling them to deliver a wider range of housing services to Pacific families and communities.

What are the key outcomes of the initiative?

The initiative will:

  • provide Pacific families, communities and organisations the resources they need to be able to lead their own COVID-19 recovery strategies, initiatives, and actions
  • provide employment opportunities to Pacific peoples impacted by COVID-19, and
  • increase the number of Pacific communities and organisations delivering their own housing solutions in the short and long term.