Languages Innovation Fund

Our Pacific languages matter. They tell the story of who we are.

The Ministry’s engagements with communities throughout Aotearoa confirmed the significance of Pacific languages and cultures to an individual’s sense of belonging and identity.

Encouraging Pacific Aspirations 

The Languages Innovation Fund is aimed at supporting community initiatives that:

  • support celebrating and increasing the awareness of Pacific languages;
  • help grow the number of speakers of Pacific languages; and 
  • help ensure that Pacific languages are recognised and valued. 

The future of Pacific languages is fragile. Changing that is a job for all of us. 

What can you use the funding for?

There are a range of things that the funding can be used for, but to help with your thinking the following criteria will be applied to determine what and who can be funded:

  • Community and church-based language and cultural programmes, activities and events;
  • Family-based language and cultural activities and events;
  • Adult, community-based language (and cultural) learning programmes;
  • Development of language resources that is not able to be funded from other sources – for example adult language resources for families. This might include supporting resources developed by private enterprises but for public gain and benefit but not for private financial gain or profit;
  • Community and/or family-based initiatives that are complementary to ECE and school based programmes. For example, this fund will support resources for parents that complements and enhances language learning for their children in education settings and at home;
  • There will be consideration for funding to support community groups to participate in regional festivals that demonstrate linkages with languages, culture and identities priorities, such as the Auckland Pasifika Festival and others;
  • Innovative language instruction programs, tools and resources etc., that use technology; and
  • The development of new models, frameworks as well as strategies and plans to support language revitalisation and maintenance. 

Available options









  SMALL         Up to $1,500


  • Designed to support small scale and/or one-off community activities and initiatives with a relatively short time-frame
  • Some examples are: Planning sessions and small gatherings (e.g. venue fee/catering costs)

Apply for a Small Grant

  MEDIUM   $1,500 - $3,500    
  • Designed to support small to medium-sized community activities and initiatives
  • Some examples are: Full-day workshops and medium-sized gatherings (e.g. venue fee, collateral costs, catering costs)
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  LARGE   $3,500 - $5,000    
  • Designed to support moderately larger community initiatives and/or activities
  • Some examples are: Workshops, events and projects on a larger scale (e.g. multiple workshops/events)
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Additional questions you might have...

If you are interested in applying and want to find out more information about the Languages Innovation Fund, please read our Questions and Answers here.

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