Tokelau Language Week

Te vaiaho o te gagana Tokelau

Mālo ni

The 2020 Tokelau Language theme is ‘Apoapo tau foe, i nā tāfea i te galutau. Ke mau mai, ke mau mai’ which in English translates to, 'Never give up hope, even amidst chaos and much uncertainty. Stay united, stay strong'.

The theme “Apoapo tau foe, i nā tāfea i te galutau” is part of a traditional Tokelauan prayer, asking the people rowing a canoe to hold on dearly to the paddles and row in unison so we are not washed away by the tidal/big waves. “Ke mau mai, ke mau mai” is an encouragement to be strong and maintain rowing consistently/non-stop. This years theme was influenced by the events of 2020 and how the COVID-19 outbreak has shaped a new normal for the Tokelau community and everyone worldwide.

2020 Tokelau Language Week Poster

Final Tokelau LW poster 2022
Tokelau Language Week goes digital

In response to COVID-19, the 2020 Pacific Language Weeks programme will host its celebrations online, which enables more people to learn and embrace the language, culture and history of Tokelau.

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