Wellbeing Budget 2019

webThe Minister of Finance’s Budget this year was about measuring things differently - not only in economic terms, but by the good we create in people’s lives.

This new approach has helped us lay the foundations for a range of initiatives that will meet the wellbeing needs of Pacific communities across Aotearoa New Zealand, not just in the 12 months ahead but for decades to come.

Budget 2019 – the first budget based around wellbeing priorities – embodies the values and aspirations laid out in Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou, a report the Ministry for Pacific Peoples published last year setting out a vision for a future of opportunity and prosperity for all Pacific people.

Over the next four years, more Pacific people will have the opportunity to connect to their language, culture and identity, take on meaningful work, access healthcare and enjoy quality education.

Our languages speak to who we are

The Minister of Finance allocated $20.04m in the Budget that we will use to work together with Pacific communities to support more people to learn their language. This will foster a new era of growth in the use of Pacific languages.

Our communities flourish when people have work or access to learning opportunities 

The Minister of Finance also allocated $14.49m for us to extend the successful Pacific Employment Support Service to cover wider Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. This means we can reach more than 2,200 Pacific young people and support them to access potentially life-changing work and learning opportunities.

Supporting Pacific entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed 

We have also been allocated $11.15m by the Minister of Finance to support Pacific entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed. We will use this funding to transform the Pacific Business Trust to help more than 140 entrepreneurs and 80 businesses access the training, advice and guidance they need to put their ideas and strategies into action. 

“We are confident in our endeavours, we are a thriving, resilient and prosperous Pacific Aotearoa”

The Minister of Finance’s Budget will bring about real change and improvements in Pacific people's lives. 

Support of $27.40 million over four years was also provided to the Ministry of Education to ensure Pacific students and their families have the skills, knowledge and equitable opportunities to pursue any education pathway.

There was also $9.8 million over four years that the Ministry of Health will use to develop innovative community initiatives, including initiatives to share evidence-based Pacific models of care. A further $14.3 million was allocated to support more Pacific people train as nurses and midwives, and $12m for rheumatic fever programmes. 

Download a copy of our Wellbeing Budget handout here