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Media Releases

Media Releases

Selected media releases from the Minister for Pacific Peoples

Below you will find selected media releases from the Minister for Pacific Peoples. For more information about any of these media releases, please contact [email protected]

Pasifika celebrated in New Year Honours (Dec 2022)

Aotearoa New Zealand supports Tokelau response to COVID-19 (Dec 2022)

Pacific youth recognised at Parliament (Dec 2022)

Minister Sio to discuss Pacific development priorities (Dec 2022)

A new strategy for Pacific housing (Nov 2022)

The Pacific Business Village comes to Auckland (Nov 2022)

Understanding the past helps Gagana Tokelau (Oct 2022)

Loss of Vagahau Niue a real concern (Oct 2022)

Vosa Vakaviti sustains generations of Fijians (Oct 2022)

Language provides hope for Tuvalu (Sep 2022)

New strategy unifies all-of-Government approach to help Pacific languages thrive (Sep 2022)

New fund to help more Pacific aiga into their own homes (Sep 2022)

Pacific Wellbeing Strategy sets clear path to improve outcomes for Pacific Aotearoa (Sep 2022)

Language week has new lea-faka Tonga goals (Sep 2022)

Dawn Raids apology anniversary heralds Pacific-Māori partnership (Aug 2022) 

More than 1000 Pacific people helped into jobs through the Tupu Aotearoa programme (Aug 2022) 

Pacific regional businesses thrive with enterprise fund (Aug 2022) 

Awards support Pacific women (Aug 2022) 

Today marks one year since Government's Dawn Raids apology (Aug 2022)

Cook Islands Language Week will close generational gap (Aug 2022)

Empowering Pacific Aotearoa to achieve home ownership (Jul 2022)

Past impacts the future of te taetae ni Kiribati (Jul 2022)

2023 Toloa Scholarships open for Pasifika students (Jul 2022)

Queen’s Birthday and Platinum Jubilee Honours - A Niuean Knight (Jun 2022)

Govt launches plan to support more Pacific people into jobs (May 2022)

It's the year of Samoa in the Pacific (May 2022)

Securing the wellbeing of Pacific communities (May 2022)

Rotumans strongly support their language revival in Aotearoa (May 2022)

Pacific Business Village launched in Tauranga (April 2022)

Increased support for Pacific tuna fisheries (April 2022)

Conservation and sustainability a priority for Palau Ocean Conference (April 2022)

New Talanoa Ako resources support Pacific learners (April 2022)

New Zealand to donate further COVID-19 vaccines to Fiji (March 2022)

Fund helps Pacific Aotearoa with COVID-19 (March 2022)

New programme launched to attract Pacific youth into horticulture careers (March 2022)

Record number of Pacific young people receive STEAM funding (March 2022)

Pacific Language Weeks 2022 announced (March 2022)

Intervention Speech delivered online for UN High-level Thematic Debate on Universal COVID-19 Vaccination (February 2022)

Government paves pathway for Pacific prosperity (February 2022)

Govt ensures extra support for Māori and Pacific Omicron response (February 2022)

Pacific quarantine travel expands (February 2022)

New Zealand donates further COVID-19 vaccines to COVAX and Pacific Islands (February 2022)

New Zealand to donate further COVID-19 vaccines to Tonga and Samoa (February 2022)

Funding for Pacific community as we get ready for Omicron (February 2022)

Tupu Tai graduation-It’s time to step up (January 2022)

Our Pacific community shares in New Year’s Honours (December 2021)

Pacific youth set to join movers and shakers (December 2021)

New fund to empower Pacific Peoples to navigate COVID-19’s protection framework (December 2021)

Putting home ownership within reach of Pacific Aotearoa (December 2021)

Milestone launch of Pacific Languages Unit (November 2021)

Pacific community reach vaccination milestone (November 2021) 

Pacific communities supported to transition to the COVID-19 Protection Framework (November 2021)

The talanoa about the future of our Pacific Languages (November 2021)

Dawn Raids Fund will allow for healing (November 2021)

Am I not your neighbour? - Speech to the Tuvalu Climate Action Network event at COP26 (November 2021)

Speech to Launch Legal Education Project (October 2021)

Tokelau champions language and culture (October 2021)

Language assists Tagata Niue to thrive (October 2021)

Call for virtual church services for White Sunday (October 2021)

Pacific Public Sector Fono – Friday 8th October 2021
 (October 2021)

Call for virtual church services for White Sunday (October 2021)

Let’s talk about the future of Pacific Languages in Aotearoa (October 2021)

COVID-19 vaccine offers stability, essential for wellbeing, as we start Fijian Language Week(October 2021)

Tuvalu language revival and COVID-19
 (September 2021)

More Dawn Raids scholarships announced (September 2021)

Tonga’s language week goes virtual
 (September 2021)

Research shows Pacific contribution to voluntary and unpaid work
 (August 2021)

The ‘Tulī Takes Flight’ scholarships announced (August 2021)

Cook Islands youth lead Language Week (August 2021)

Government offers formal apology for Dawn Raids (August 2021)

Boost for Pacific regional business (July 2021)

Language critical to Kiribati as it faces the challenge of Climate Change (July 2021)

Government achieves more ethnic diversity, more women on public sector boards (July 2021)

Government to apologise for Dawn Raids (June 2021)

Gagana Samoa is a foundation of Pacific wellbeing (May 2021)

Government supports Pacific people’s wellbeing approach to strengthen recovery efforts (May 2021)

Rotuman Language week affirms language as the key to Pacific wellbeing (April 2021)

Pacific languages funding reopens (April 2021)

STEM success sees growth in Toloa programme (March 2021)

Year of transition for Pacific Language Weeks (March 2021)

Critical step to new housing deal for Pacific communities (February 2021)