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Pacific Housing Initiative

Pacific Housing Initiative

The Pacific Housing initiative is part of a government response to the growing housing needs of Pacific people in Aotearoa.

Through Budget 2020, the Ministry received up to $41.315m over four years in the Improving Housing for Pacific Families and Communities initiative to lay the foundations and provide skills required for Pacific peoples to gain improved housing conditions and home ownership.


The Pacific Financial Capability Development Programme (PFC) provides financial capability initiatives to support Pacific families and communities to improve their financial literacy and capability and strengthen their financial management knowledge and skills.  

In February 2021, the Ministry requested applications for Pacific organisations to deliver the Pacific Financial Capability Programme to Pacific people across the country.

A total of 15 providers have been contracted to deliver services to over 3000 Pacific families over four years, from 1 June 2021 through to June 2024.


Through the Pacific Financial Capability Development programme, the Ministry is seeking to implement Pacific-specific financial capability programmes that are:  

  • providing a financial capability service that embody Pacific cultural values and recognises Pacific communities as leaders and the owners of wellbeing and culture.  
  • family-centred and strengths based where Pacific families and communities are holistically integrated and individual needs are addressed within the context of families and communities. 
  • supporting and enabling Pacific communities to lead their own solutions that address and improve Pacific financial capability in ways that respond to their different needs.  

Funding allocation

The Ministry complied with Government Procurement Rules and contracted providers clearly demonstrated they met the following evaluation criteria:

  • Proposed solution: Innovation in delivering the service.
  • Respondent capacity: Capacity of the provider to deliver the service.
  • Respondent capability: Capability of the provider to deliver the service.
  • Cultural capability: Cultural capability to engage and deliver services to Pacific communities.

View the recipients of the funds, the region their business is based, and amount funded:

Pacific Financial Capability Programme funding recipients

The Pacific Housing initiative aims to deliver change across four streams:
  • Building financial literacy services to strengthen Pacific families to be able to cope with significant economic shocks, and support savings towards home ownership.
  • Building Pacific organisations by increasing the number of Pacific organisations able to deliver improved housing to Pacific families and communities.
  • Building affordable homes to support to Pacific organisations to partner and build affordable homes for Pacific families and to create more employment opportunities required to build the homes.
  • Regional migration opportunities for Pacific peoples to create their own success outside of metropolitan cities through regional migration.


The Pacific Community Housing Provider (CHP) Registration Support Programme seeks to increase the number of Pacific organisations who are registered Community Housing Providers.  


The programme supports eligible Pacific organisations by delivering capability building training and supporting Pacific Organisations to successfully register with the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA). CHRA is the statutory regulator of Community Housing Providers.

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the Pacific housing sector by providing Pacific-specific responses in housing.  Pacific families and households will have access to Pacific-owned community housing providers that provide culturally appropriate support that meet their needs.  

Components of the programme

  • Needs Assessment – eligible Pacific organisations will undergo a Needs Assessment to determine the level of investment and support required to meet the Performance Standards as set out in the Schedule to the Public and Community Housing Management (Community Housing Provider) Regulations 2014
  • Tailored Development Plan – tailored development plans will comprise support and training to clients to build their capability in areas identified in the Needs Assessment including:
  • Governance – ensures the CHP is well governed at all times
  • Management – the provider manages itself in a safe, efficient, and effective manner at all times
  • Financial viability – demonstrates financial viability and solvency at all times.
  • Tenancy management – the organisation has documented systems and processes to ensure compliance with all relevant legislative transparency and information confidentiality requirements
  • Property and asset management – the CHP has documented systems and processes that ensures it manages its community housing assets in a manner that ensures properties are suitable, meets the needs of tenants and complies with relevant legislation.
  • CHP Registration – achieving CHP registration is final component. Pacific organisations will receive assistance to draft applications for registration, and liaison support with CHRA to complete registration.

Locations of the programme

Following a competitive tender process, the Ministry contracted Community Housing Solutions (CHS) to deliver across the country.

CHS have been awarded a contract valued at $180,000 to deliver the programme for up to six Pacific organisations up to June 2023.


The Pacific Housing Feasibility Support Service supports Pacific organisations and churches to carry out feasibility studies on land they own for potential housing development opportunities.


The key goal of the programme is that Pacific land-owning units have feasibility reports or business cases that provide landowners with information on potential housing developments.

Access to information provided by experts in the field of construction and development will help organisations and churches in making informed decisions on their preferred housing development.

The Feasibility support process

There are five phases of the Feasibility study including:

  • Phase 1 – Discovery workshop and site visit
  • Phase 2 – Concept Master Plan
  • Phase 3 – Financial model
  • Phase 4 – Preliminary investigation
  • Phase 5 – Feasibility Report

Click here for more information on each phase.

Locations of the programme

Following a competitive tender process, the Ministry contracted Deloitte and partners to deliver the programme across the country. They have been awarded a contract valued at $1,676,000 to deliver the programme between 1 June 2021 and 30 June 2024.

Deloitte and partners are experts in the field of construction and development and investigating the feasibility of these activities and they have clearly demonstrated their capacity and capability to deliver the programme.