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A transformational impact

In 2015, MPP established the Toloa Programme, which takes a multi-faceted approach of raising awareness and providing workforce development opportunities.

Toloa supports Pacific Peoples in STEAM pathways (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) over a whole-of-life approach – ECE, Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, Tertiary through to the Workforce. 

Toloa’s Vision is to make a transformational impact in the communities we live in.

Pacific people have been underrepresented in the STEAM fields for a long time and we are working hard to change this scenario. Our goal is to shift Pacific Peoples into STEAM employment from 2.8% to 8% by 2028.

This is what Toloa is all about - about giving our young people the skills they need to succeed in a fast-changing world, and ensuring they have the opportunities and are not swept aside by the tide of technological change engulfing the world.

It is about ensuring they have the skills and confidence to meet the challenge of the new and reap the benefits of a brilliant future.

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Toloa programme

Learn more about our Toloa programme and the list of recipients for each fund:

Toloa Secondary Scholarships

Toloa Tertiary Scholarships

Toloa Contestable Fund

Key Interventions

To achieve our strategic outcomes under the Lalanga Fou Goals and Pacific Wellbeing Framework, our roadmap to address the key gaps have been divided into the four key interventions:

 1. Funding

  • Community impact funding
  • Substantial provider funding
  • Capability development
  • STEAM fono

 2. Scholarships

  • Secondary school scholarships
  • Tertiary school scholarships
  • Well-being programme
  • Pacific STEAM Secondary School Challenge 
  • ALUMNI programme

3. Pilot programmes

  • 0800 Tech Hub
  • In-Work support programme
  • Digital hubs
  • Homework Centres
  • Internship programme
  • Capability training - Zoom

4. Strategic initiatives

  • Collective impact work
  • Toloa Awards
  • Governance
  • Toloa ‘brand’ story