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Toloa Contestable Fund FAQs

Toloa Contestable Fund FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Toloa Contestable Fund. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Applicants were able apply by completing the online application form or via email using a downloadable version in MS Word or PDF format (see below). 

Applications closed at 8pm, Friday, 16 September 2022.

  • Projects and Programmes that seek funding for one year, starts February 2023 and are completed by December 2023.
  • Projects and Programmes that seek to increase Pacific participation in STEAM subjects/ programmes/ business opportunities
  • Initiatives that deliver in more than one suburb or region
  • Initiatives that deliver mentoring/ tutoring opportunities throughout the programme
  • Initiatives that demonstrate value or benefit, reach, impact, and progression of Pacific learners

Supporting Documents

Your Toloa Contestable application needed to include the following supporting documentation, to be uploaded within the application form:

  • A certificate of organisation status
  • A completed project plan (using the template above)
  • A detailed budget expenditure and revenue (using the template above)
  • Two letters of support from partners, collaborators and/or participants
  • A letter from one independent mentor, individual or partner for your organisation and/or programme that explains their role and how they will provide support
  • Any other relevant support material to strengthen your application.


If you need assistance with your application or supporting documents, please email [email protected].

Applications for the Toloa Secondary School Scholarships closed at 8pm on Friday 16 September 2022

Successful applicants will be notified by mid November, 2022.

The purpose of the contestable fund is to provide funding support for advocacy, community projects and new initiatives. The strategic outcome of the fund is to support providers to deliver Pasifika-centric STEAM programmes that activate meaningful engagements.

The Toloa Contestable Fund does not fund the following:

  • Overseas Travel and related expenses
  • Projects that only reach an audience in a single suburb, town or City
  • Professional Development
  • Equipment (although this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

 Successful applicants will be notified by mid November, 2022.

You do not have to be a Pacific Organisation to apply for this fund, we do however require the organisation to show evidence of cultural competency / capability throughout the programme.

Successful applicants will have a close working relationship with MPP staff who will provide you with guidance.

Successful applicants are required to provide:

  • milestone reports of your project
  • a final accountability report at the conclusion of your programme / project.

The reports provided will highlight the success of your programme / project and will enable the Ministry to gain valuable insights on the reach and impact of delivery.

Successful applicants will be publicly funded, therefore reports are necessary to ensure there is scrutiny of public monies and evidence that your programme / project has used the funds in accordance with MPP agreements.

In 2022, Toloa piloted two funds - Toloa Substantial Provider Fund and the Toloa Capability Fund. The strategic outcome of the funds were to support Pacific providers to deliver Pasifika-centric STEAM programmes that activate meaningful engagements.

This focus remains unchanged. However, to simplify this programme of work, we have merged these two funds into one fund – the Toloa Contestable Fund.

Yes you can however a final Accountability report will need to have been received at the end of your programme in December 2022 before funds are released in 2023.

Your funded initiative will need to run for 11 months – from Feb to Dec 2023.