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Pacific scents promote wellbeing

Pacific scents promote wellbeing

  • 05 Sep 2020

A growing number of Pacific students around New Zealand are saying “yes” to being involved in the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) and gaining entrepreneurial skills. 

As part of the YES programme, students set up and run a real business, and each YES company creates their product or service and gets to experience what it is like to go to market.

Nationwide, there are 485 Pacific students participating in YES within 92 Pacific companies this year.

In the coming weeks and months, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) will support the Pacific companies by showcasing Pacific companies involved in YES. 

This will help boost the teams’ profiles and hopefully help turn followers into customers of Pacific companies’ YES products. 

Meet Pacific YES team Fika, from St Mary’s College in Ponsonby.

download5Fika is made up of four Year 13 Business Studies students - Zia Walters, Pauline Abeleda, Salma Asiata and Maria Tunai. 

The Central Auckland YES team has come up with a solution for when people are feeling stressed, tired, and unfocused. 

Fika has produced essential oil rollers with Pasifika inspired scents aimed to provide aromatherapy by enhancing physical and emotional health. 

With exams around the corner for students all around New Zealand, the essential oil rollers will assist them to stay calm, focused and energised when studying and preparing for your exams. 

Fika essential oil rollers come in 10ml bottles and are very handy - you can carry a roller with you and use it anytime you are feeling burdened with anxiety and exhaustion. 

Just a simple roll onto your temples, wrists, or shoulders and you are good to go. 

Fika offers four individual essential oil rollers with Pasifika inspired scents for $10 each and a three-pack of wellbeing scents for $28. 

You can purchase Fika products through the website; or place an order through Instagram @fikablends; or Facebook.  

Visit MPP to see how the Ministry supports YES.