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Hard work and collaboration lead to distant goals

Hard work and collaboration lead to distant goals

  • 30 Aug 2021
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Tupu Aotearoa clients Stanly Puapii and Tyrese Herewini-Lama flank Construction Manager and Apprentice Assessor Karney Herewini, alongside their trade tools sourced from Tupu Aotearoa, via service provider Inwork NZ (pictured).

Home ownership is on the cards for Tupu Aotearoa clients Stanly Puapii and Tyrese Herewini-Lama – a scenario made possible because of their hard work, and a series of collaborations between several organisations.

When the Whanganui Cook Island Community referred Stanly, of Cook Islands descent, and Tyrese of Samoan and Māori heritage, to Tupu Aotearoa for employment placement, they were teamed up with Tupu Aotearoa Support and Placement Manager for InWork NZ, Bobbie Roberts.

Tupu Aotearoa is a Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) supported initiative, which through a range of service providers around the country, assists Pacific people to gain tools and skills that enable them to thrive.

InWork NZ is one of the service providers which delivers Tupu Aotearoa to the Pacific communities in Auckland, Wellington and Manawatu-Whanganui.

The provider is currently collaborating with Whanganui Cook Islands Community, who refer Pacific youth who can be assisted with further education, training and employment,  Bobbie explains.   

“Just by signing up to the programme, the two young men have gained so much,” she says.  

The organisation helped Stanly and Tyrese access driving lessons to sit their Restricted Licences Practical Test as well as Defensive Driver Training, and since signing up with Tupu Aotearoa, both men have completed their training.

Additionally, both Stan and Tyrese were offered a builder apprenticeship opportunity with AKA Group/AATINGA Ltd, as well as an offer for both participants to earn and learn as Apprentices.

More partners joined the collaboration when the two new Apprentices became involved in restoring the Whanganui Cook Island Christian Church and Community Hall in partnership with Fijian River City Assembly Of God Church.

The venture was part of the Church Renovation Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), which is delivered in collaboration with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). 

To date, the Tupu Aotearoa clients have learned under the tutelage of their Construction Manager/Apprentice Assessor Karney Herewini, and the wider impact this has had on Stanly and Tyrese has created a world of opportunities for both men and their families,” Bobbie says.   

“The ability to earn while they learn has created security and the ability to gain the skills necessary for a successful future. 

“It is wonderful to visit the boys and seeing how well they are progressing - they are very proud of themselves and so are we.” 

With newly acquired skills and qualifications and a boost in confidence, Stanly has been successful in applying for a bank loan to purchase a home for his parents and family. 

Meanwhile, Tyrese can apply for a loan as well, he is waiting on the right opportunity.

Home ownership has been a goal of both Stanly and Tyrese since they started their apprenticeship, and reaching this goal means so much to their families. 

Tupu Aotearoa Manager Rhia Taonui says Stanly and Tyrese have demonstrated what can be achieved through taking part in Tupu Aotearoa and working with the many wonderful service providers who deliver the programme.

“This is an excellent example of MPP working in collaboration between Tupu Aotearoa, the Church Renovation PGF project, Whanganui Cook Island Christian Church and Community Hall in partnership with Fijian River City Assembly Of God Church, as well as AKA Group / AATINGA Ltd.

“It certainly takes a village – a collaborative one,” she adds. 

Everyone loves a success story, and through collaboration with various organisations, and determination two young Pacific men have achieved a once distant goal for themselves and their aiga. 

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