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Anthea Husein's quest to empower girls in STEM

Anthea Husein's quest to empower girls in STEM

  • 11 Sep 2023
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(Picture caption: Anahera's Adventures: STEM Edition aims to change how young girls see STEM fields.)

It all began with a dream – a dream of making the world more welcoming and diverse, where young girls are encouraged to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math – or STEM.

The outcome? Anahera's Adventures: STEM Edition, a children's storybook full of characters from different backgrounds, aiming to change how young girls see STEM fields.

Meet Anthea Husein, a student in her final year at Cromwell College and the chief executive officer of EmpowHerMind.

To Anthea, this book is not just another addition to children's literature; it is the start of something big.

"I'm doing this to empower young girls and break down the barriers that stop them from getting into STEM careers, which are often seen as male-dominated," Anthea explains.

Her vision for Anahera's Adventures goes beyond storytelling.

The book introduces young readers to the exciting world of STEM through the eyes of Anahera, a Māori character, while including elements of Te Reo Māori.

This Kiwi-inspired approach adds a special cultural touch to the story, making it relatable and interesting for young readers.

Anthea's mission does not stop with the pages of her book.

For every ten copies sold in New Zealand, she generously donates one to schools back in her home country, Fiji.

This effort aims to close the educational gender gap in the Pacific, a cause that is very close to Anthea's heart.

Having faced her own challenges while pursuing STEM interests in a society that sometimes disapproves, Anthea knows how crucial it is to remove gender barriers.

"It's a tool to give young women the knowledge and confidence to chase their dreams in STEM,” she says.

“It's about telling them they can be astronauts, engineers, scientists, or anything they want."

Anthea and EmpowHerMind shine as symbols of hope.

Through her book, she is creating a place where young girls can dream, learn, and succeed without any limits.

To all our young dreamers and readers out there, let EmpowHerMind empower you to explore and pursue STEM.

Visit the EmpowHerMind website for more information.